The Evangelical Alliance (EA) Foundation is advancing the Christian religion in Australia by:

  • Supporting and enabling the spread of the Gospel by providing oversight, mentoring and assistance to those entities that are signatories to the EA Family Covenant and which themselves are charitable religious institutions;
  • Acting as trustee of the EA Foundation Trust Fund; and
  • Supporting and encouraging Christian work and workers while creating awareness of Christian mission and challenging people to become involved.

In this role, the EA Foundation continues to manage the financial investments and business operations that were established by the Australian Evangelical Alliance for the benefit of EA Family members and other Christian organisations. In addition, on behalf of EA Family members the EA Foundation maintains the connection with the World Evangelical Alliance, the regional South Pacific Evangelical Alliance and Asian Evangelical Alliance and their various commissions, entities and projects.

The EA Foundation was established in 1989 by the Australian Evangelical Alliance Inc, and is an Australian charitable institution registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.


The Administrator, EA Foundation
P O Box 5214, PINEWOOD  VIC  3149